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Uniform Rental

Uniform Rental by AbbeyGlen.co.uk

February 15th, 2013 · No Comments · Commercial Workwear, Laundry Services, Uniform Rental

An investment in your success!

For uniform rental services featuring full service combined with cost-effective rental rates, turn to AbbeyGlen.co.uk. As one of Great Britten’s largest suppliers of company uniforms and work apparel, with a uniform rental program you’re not buying your company uniforms, so there are no high start-up costs. AbbeyGlen’s uniform rental service allows you to spread the cost over a longer period of time. It’s almost as if AbbeyGlen is making an investment in your success.

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AbbeyGlen provides program selections for the rental, lease, or buying uniforms, protective clothes, and customized business workwear. AbbeyGlen Uniform Rental conserves your funds and make sure that your business always looks professional with our wide array of entrance mats. Our complete mat system will help stop around 80 % of dirt tracked into the organization, and mats also help make sure basic safety of your staff and clients.

Morale boosting solutions for all your employees;

Established in 1903, AbbeyGlen full-service commercial uniform rental programs offer cost-effective, brand name and morale improving solutions for your staff. We supply commercial uniforms, protective wear, and specialty garments for full- or part-timers; workers, installers, technicians, office workers, supervisory personnel, as well as almost any other job. Our flameproof (FR) and high presence apparel helps maintain staff safe and employers in compliance with on-the-job safety requirements. Most significant, we provide high quality, job-fit work clothes that create a tangible competitive benefit through enhanced appearance, improved company image, and the type of unified team look that improves employee pride and confidence.

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As an independently owned and operated uniform rental company in the UK, AbbeyGlen provides the attentive customer service that big-box uniform companies can’t offer, while still providing optimal quality control and premium uniforms. AbbeyGlen can provide all of your uniform needs efficiently and effectively giving your employees the professional, trustworthy, capable image they deserve, and that you want for your business.

Industries AbbeyGlen works;

AbbeyGlen provides fresh uniforms for employees of manufacturing, healthcare, retail, automotive, and hospitality businesses that serve the rest of the U.K economy.

Top-notch laundry services;

AbbeyGlen is also providing top-notch laundry services to clients. Their services include washing, drying, folding, and packaging of laundry items. Whether or not managing our health care laundry service or yours, enhancing staff productivity while maximizing quality and service needs professionals who understand how to encourage, educate, and make the environment to get it done.


AbbeyGlen Services is achieving great results and can deliver these outcomes for you.

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